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Happy Hawthorween!

Well today proved to be a successful day!  I hit the trifecta in Race 6.  Canchari aboard Miss Darla, and she wins by 8 lengths!  All top jocks remain in the same spots as Hernandez, Canchari and Thornton all got wins today.

Race 1:  Jim Miller and I only agree on one here, and that’s the #12, Muvnon with Ocampo in the irons.  In a field of 13, I’ll take four:  Kipson is the lone MInnesotan in the race and on my ticket for sure.  Canchari gets a Catalano ride with the #8 Hurricane Bob again, but couldn’t do much with him in last out.  I’m going to stick with Thornton on the 7/2 fav in #3 Illusive Fugitive.  (12, 10, 8, 3)

Race 2:  The trifecta here is one I’ll put money on and one of those magical moments:  6-1-2 Minneapolis area code.  The #6  is Catfeinated (Ocampo/Brueggemann/Midwest Thoroughbreds), the #1 is Static Kill (Bennett/Thornton) and the #2 is the Minnesota Kid himself, Alex Canchari, on another Scherbenske winner, Devils Tower.  (6, 1, 2)

Race 3:  Small field – only six.  Rivelli, Scherer and Berndt all got in this one.  Unfortunately, I’m with Miller’s selections here #4 Wall Student with #2 jock Hernandez, #6 Bobby Mac, the Rivelli horse and #4 Corinthians Secret.  I’m actually not going to go with Miller’s pick in Corinthians Secret and take the #1 Kip Hip Hooray instead and hope he doesn’t scratch. (4, 6, 1)  

Race 4:  Big field again, so I’ll take a Superfecta. I’ve seen My Pal Paul, Culpa and Brocket all run, but out of the three I’ll take #9 My Paul Paul and shy away from the others.  I’m going with the #8 Fort Reps and the #7 Call Me Wonderful in the money and will fill my super with either the #13 Prado U or the #11 Swarm (with a nod to the Minnesota Swarm).  Just a note that Canchari is on the #4 Battered in this race and worth a shot in your Super at 20-1 which doesn’t mean much if you follow Canchari.  If you’ve even seen Alex Canchari at Canterbury you know he likes to make an entrance.  He’s usually the last one out of the jockey tunnel and has been known to sit on the steps to intentionally be last.  He’s either winning by 8 lengths like on Miss Darla today, or he’s coming from last in the pack on a long shot to win at 45-1 like he did on Sunday.  (Superfecta – 9, 7, 8, 11 or 4)

Race 5:  #6 Scorned Woman is the fav in this one and I’ll take #5 Jury Wise as well.  Miller wants the #1 Ko Ko Fleur which is the front runner, but I’ll take the #4 Deeveeare.  This horse has run a couple times at the Chicago tracks and I’m starting to believe.  The Bug, Colvin, get this mount. (6, 5, 4)

Race 6:  #3 Star of Class (Ocampo/Catalano) is the morning fav.  #1 Lahshad is 3/1, and I’ll skip the Thornton/Reavis connection on the #6 Seeking Love and go with the owners instead the #8 Cheroben and Clabor Mor Stable.  (3, 1, 8)

Race 7:   Purse of $32,000 on this one, not bad and the picks are difficult.  There’s 10 in here, but I’ll take only three.  The morning lines are tight and all the tops are in this one.  Our boy Canchari is on the #5 Bella Serenade (Catalano), #4 Shezasmittenkitten (Ocampo) and #2 Kitchen Boss (Thornton/Reavis).  If there’s a scratch, I’ll take the #3 Controlled Chaos. (5, 4, 2)

Race 8:  I’m tempted to take all three bugs in this one, but will only go with two:  #5 Buzzin at Midnight, #6 Holy White Socks (the Minnesotan) and will take the favorite #9 Vany’s Girl.  Miller has the #7 Dukette’s Flame with the 5 and 6, and he might be right.  Dukette’s Flame won the last time out.  (5, 6, 9)

Race 9:  The Night Cap proves to be the most perplexing of the day!  All the big names are on the card for this race, and at a $5,000 claimer and a $11,000 purse, I’m wondering why.  Reavis, Brueggemann, Berndt, Brinson and Dorris are in as well as the top five jockeys at Hawthorne.  What gives?!  Hawthorne expert Miller is going with $4, Awesome Rules, #6 Winningcherokee and #1 Lemon Custard.  He conspicuously dodged the Megatron in this race:  the #5 Powers Ofthe Court (Thornton/Brueggemann/Midwest Thoroughbreds).  Hmm… what does he know?  Of course he bounced around Canchari (as usual) and didn’t take the 8/1 #8 Don’t Bluff.  I might do a Super in this one just to cover all my bases.  I’m going with #5 Powers Ofthe Court for obvious reasons (Ocampo/Brueggemann/Midwest Thoroghbreds).  #6 Winningcherokee also has an Israel in the irons and as you know I always put at least one if not two Israels on my ticket.  Tim Thornton remains the #1 jockey at Hawthorne and he’s on the #4 Awesome Rules and I’ll take that.  As far as filling the Super … whew … I really want to like the veteran Lemon Custard and the #2 jock Raf Hernandez takes the reigns, but this horse ran last week and won  (last week!), a nine-year old and 5/1 in this field.  Not sure why the Reavis horse #2 Kera’s Kitten isn’t getting more play at 6/1 nor the #8 Don’t Bluff at 8/1.  (5, 6, 4 over 8 or 1)

That’s it for the 31st.  I’ll be back handicapping the Breeder’s Cup and will post my picks for both days on Thursday night and will get back to Hawthorne on Sunday.  Good Luck!  Hopefully, next month I’ll begin my feature on Hot Jocks and will include a special feature on Jocks behaving badly – ironically many of them have mounts in the Breeder’s!   

Thanks for following!

Miss Slewsie Lu

Hawthorne October 30, 2013

Well I didn’t to all that bad over the weekend, so I’m back in the saddle (pun intended).  Time permitting, I hope to get Hawthorne handicapped for the 30 and 31st and then I’m going to table the big boys in the Breeder’s Cup this weekend (Nov. 1 and 2) and go back to Hawthorne again on Sunday.  I have intentions of eventually hitting Turf Paradise at some because many riders from Canterbury drop tack there during the winter months.  Just a reminder, that this handicapper follows mostly Minnesota connections and will give you the numbers and you can bet them anyway you’d like.

Let me start by saying that I’m not impressed with the Oct. 30 race card and I don’t know the scratches.  With that said, let’s get to it.

Race 1:  I’m going with both “doctors” in this race – #2 Doctor Trotter and #8 Heart Doctor.  Both are morning line favs.  Peteizum is in here and runs well.  My “go to” philosophy is if there’s an “Israel” in the race, he gets on my ticket.  So I’m going with Israel Ocampo on the #3 Strong Luck. (2, 8, 3)

Race 2:  No shock here.  #5 Senator Dave (Ocampo, Brueggeman and Midwest Thoroughbreds).  From there, the #6 Flyby Dubai and just for fun I’ll take the #3 Azeq with Homeister aboard.  (5, 6, 3)

Race 3:  Again, Ocampo/Brueggeman and Midwest Thoroughbreds, #4 Princess Freebie.  Leading jockey (by a narrow margin) is still Tim Thornton and he’s on #1 Sassy Kiss.  The #5 Bent Missile is the favorite in this race but I’m gonna stick with Canchari on the Cristel horse #6 Royal Posh.  This young jock is only two behind Thornton, even after finishing Sunday’s card with three wins and 4 of the 6 races in the money!  (4, 1, 6)

Race 4:  Trainer Scherer has two in this one, the #3 and #.  I’m going with the #4 Alvear.  The #5 Mr. Blackthorn with an Israel aboard – Ocampo this time.  The fav in this race is Siegfried Line ridden by Homeister and big time Trainer Mike Maker.  It’s at 5/2 on the morning line.  I’ll probably regret this one but I’m not buying … I’ll take the #7 Manila Warrior with the Thornton/Reavis connection.  Don’t count out the #9 in this though, it’s Thecoltintheback and he usually isn’t!  Ridden with Hawthorne’s #2 jock, Rafael Hernandez.  (A reluctant, 4, 5, 7)

Race 5:  These are all Illinois fillies and the #6 Keeker is the top choice.  The #3 My Moment is a Kirby-trained horse at 6/1 and Thornton’s in the irons. The next fav is the #2 Holyhoot but I’m backing off (maybe regretfully) and going with the #2 jock and Scherbenske on Lady’s Day Off the #5 horse here. (6, 2, 5)

Race 6:  Now this is finally a good race!  Scherbenske, Brueggemann, Rivelli and Kirby all wanted in.  I have a special place in my heart for the #4 Miss Darla.  Last time out she hit the winner’s circle and the time before she finished in the money as well.  She’s good and gets my fav jock on board, Canchari.  However, another very good horse is going to give her a run and its the #6 Wonder Country – a Brueggemann horse and will be bet down past her 3/1 morning line.  Rivelli has a coupled entry in this race and the same jockey on both.  I’m hoping he keeps the 1A My Place or Yours.  (4, 6, 1A – which is also the Hawthorne expert Jim Miller’s picks as well.)  Do an Exacta box and you can get both the 4 and 6 in any order.

Race 7:  The favs in this one are the #7 Mistie Royale, #8 Dontbetellinme and the #4 Lakita Love.  Unfortunately, I like all three.  I’m going to take a Super in this one though because I also want the #9 Modesta and think this Kirby horse may surpass the #8 fav in this race.  Canchari’s on #11 Sweet Teri K – its in the eligibles now but if it draws in I might  take the #11 over the #8 in my Super.  He won on this horse early at Canterbury but wasn’t able to do much with her after that.

Race 8:  I like this race too.  And with only 8 in the gate, I’ll take a trifecta:  #6 OTB Bob, #5 Hope for Today and #2 Costilla Range (Brueggemann).

Race 9:  This one’s interesting.  I’d like to do a Super in this one too simply because I can’t decide!  I’ve put bets on Clear the Counter, Markyour Territory and Inside Revival and all three are here … all three were a bust.  The fav in this race is the #8 Sergeant C. Brown and is bet down to 2/1 – ridiculously low.  There are two Israels in this one and I’m taking them both:  #4 Bushido (the Canterbury Bug, Israel Hernandez) and #6 Hug N Make Up (Ocampo).  Just because I want to, I’m gonna take the #7 Seeking Devilsgood because I like the name and will stick with the Bugs – Colvin on this one.

That’s it for the 30th!  Stay tuned to my blog as I plan on covering the Breeder’s this weekend!!  I’m also a novice blogger but will be uploading more photos and plan to have a feature on “Hot Jocks” as well as horses and trainers.  Stay tuned this weekend as I’ll give you the Top 10 horses and jockeys in the biz and where they’re at in the Breeder’s Cup!

Good luck!

Miss Slewsie Lu

Hawthorne Racecourse October 27, 2013

Welcome to my blog!  Today I will be handicapping the races at Hawthorne in Chicago.  I’ll provide the numbers and you can bet them anyway you like:  win, place, show, Exactas, Trifectas, Superfectas, etc.  As of October 26, the leading rider at Hawthorne is Tim Thornton, leading trainer is Roger Brueggemann and of course the juggernaut of owners, Midwest Thoroughbreds, is the current leading owner.  I base my picks first on the trainers, then the jockey and the horse’s history and breeding.  I pay very little attention to the morning lines, unless I’m in a pickle with my selection. Like many of the other money-making tracks, Hawthorne tends to run 10-12 deep in the gate.  Today is no exception.

Post Time 2:10 p.m.

Race 1:  The morning line favorite in this race is the #3 Marvelous Marcy.  I’m going with #2 Causemommasaidso, #9 Karoke Rose (ridden by Israel Ocampo – third in the jockey standings, trained by W. Catalano) and the #11 Love you Tomorrow.

Race 2:  With the scratch of one of the favorites Spikey Italiano ridden by leading jockey Tim Thornton and the #1 Why North, this race is down to five horses.  Spikey Italiano was in my pick as well as the pick for Hawthorne analyst Jim Miller.  I’m going with #6 Mosquillo who runs well at Hawthorne and ridden by Ocampo, #2 Dominant Suh and the #5 Epic Phelps – Raf Hernandez gets the mount and is the #2 jockey at Hawthorne.

Race #3:  Easy.  #3 Ideal Alluvial with Thornton and Brueggemann.  It’s the morning favorite at 5/2.  The connections are golden and can’t be ignored.  #1 Greytap, and #2 Raton Pass with talented rider Alex Canchari aboard again for Randy Rarick.  Good horse, good trainer, good jockey.  Raton Pass has been at this track before with no luck but this horse will definitely give the front runners some competition.

Race #4:  #7 Royalrap (Thornton and Reavis are another good Chicago connection), #5 Artful Bee (Ocampo), and Canchari on the #3 Jifquick.  Don’t count out the #1 He’saruler on the rail.

Race #5:  Can’t Stop Ravin scratched in this one which puts Thornton out of the money.  I’m going with the the favorites in this one #5 Kipling’s King, and the #5 Total Immersion (Ocampo / Brueggemann) and I know Canchari likes the #1 post position and he’s on Tapilu which does fairly well but nothing to write about really, but since I know this rider’s history I have to put #1 Tapilu in the pick.

Race #6:  Again, 11 deep in this race.  I like Gary Scherer horses and the #1 in this race is Benjur which is doing well in Chicago, however, he has a bug rider on board.  Bugs tend to come out of nowhere and win riding titles.  Canchari did it at Hawthorne in 2012.  But I think I’ll go with the experienced riders in a field this size.  #7 Magical Disguise (Thornton / Reavis), #10 Slew City Sin, and #6 In Red’s Honor.  I like the #3 in this race (Kentucky Bourbon) but have bet this horse before and was let down, and at a mile and 70, I’m going to back off.  Because there’s 11 in this race, I’d bet a Superfecta and throw in the #9 Noble Leader.

Race 7:  10 three-year olds in this one.  Brueggemann and Midwest Thoroughbreds have the #1 and #1A both will be contenders.  If he runs both, I’d take the #1 Yenzen.  The next in line favorites are the #3 Jaguar Ridge and the #5 Piralu, and I’ll take all three.  Because of the 10-deep race, I’ll put the #2 Awesomo in my Super.

Race 8: I’m a Clay Brinson fan.  I think he’s got some great horses and in this race he has the #7 Great Bam ridden again by Alex Canchari.  I believe in this young rider and I would like to see both of them in the Winner’s Circle in this race.  Canchari is a better rider than he has shown in Chicago and Great Bam should be winning more races.  It’s their time and I’m in 100% with this combination.  Brinson won’t give up on Canchari and Canchari won’t give up on Great Bam.  It’s photo time for all three.  I’ll also take #1 Mygrandpaisadeacon and #2 Ravin About Riv, ridden by Thornton.  Ya never know about Tim Thornton and his iconic blue riding boots.  Don’t ever count him out.  I’ve also got to go with a horse and trainer I’ve seen many times at Canterbury Park – Schillerthekiller and trainer Rarick.  Canchari has been on this horse too, with no luck, but the five-year old at six furlongs is worth a look at 4th.

Race #9:  This is a tough one.  I’d like to go with five horses.  The #3 Brother Dudeleo ridden by the Canterbury bug Israel Hernandez and trained by J. Berndt.  Canchari’s been on this one too, and maybe the switch to the bug will give this horse a chance at the money.  #1 Cyber Bully has been in the mix often this year, #2 Broken Bow with Thornton in the irons and a couple mid-range long shots #9 Arvindra (MN) and #10 Wealth Management both on the morning line at 15/1.  The favorite in this race is #6 Blazing Finish.  Loosenthesecondary should be doing better but isn’t and with the blinkers off, eh, not sure I’d put this horse in the money.

That’s it for today!  Good luck!  Check back on Tuesday for my Hawthorne picks for Wednesday and my Breeder’s Cup picks Nov. 1 and 2 at Santa Anita!  I’ll be uploading photos and doing features on jocks and trainers, but this is my first blog and the first race goes off in about an hour at Hawthorne so I better get this posted!